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What is jobsly?

jobsly wants to change how you search for jobs, and as employers, how you connect to job seekers

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Always Free

Never pay to post jobs again. Take advantage of our free tools and features not even fee-based job sites have. No resume limits. Did we mention it's free?

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Premium Tools

Your Dashboard is an all-in-one place to create your resume, search for jobs, track applications and many more. Compare salaries, shortlist applicants and be alerted for updates on your applications. On the go? View the site on your mobile browser and get the same beautiful interface with all the features available. It's job matching for the modern world!

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Be Informed

Compare your resume to other jobseekers anonymously both ways. Use graphs to compare your salary to the current industry standard and much more. Is your salary below the standard? Time to find your next adventure!

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Analytics and Reporting

Use our data analytics tools to engage more jobseekers. Compare your offers to industry standards and job post statistics.

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Curated Content

We verify each company and each job posting. Applicants are also pre-screened for validity. Quality jobs for qualified applicants.

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Social Media

Coming soon! Leverage the power of social media and engage more jobseekers. Post and share your job listing on your company's fb page. Be alerted by facebook chatbot messages on new applicants, job post statistics and more.

Work is Beautiful.

Fully responsive, mobile-ready and made for the modern world.

Still using that jobsite from 1999? jobsly is made "mobile-first" for the best possible UX. Whether on your laptop, desktop or smartphone, users will have the same beautiful interface. No clunky apps to download.

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